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coronavirus vs flu symptoms and cure of corona virus

Introduction of Corona virus vs seasonal flu

The new corona virus causing COVID 19 has led to more than 454,000 ilnesses and more than
20550 deaths worldwide. If we comparison in the US alone the Flu (also called influenza) according to CDC24 (as of 25th march 2020) has caused an estimated 38 million illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and more than 23,000 deaths this season.

The death rate of COVID-19 and Flu is  0.1% . The Ro  of Flu Virus is 1.327 whereas Ro  of corona virus is 2.226 . we should must remember that the Ro is not an intrinsic feature of the virus. It can  be lowered through containment, mitigation and ultimately “herd immunity”, as the people who have recovered become less susceptible to corona virus or serious illnesses.
Image below shows how dangerous is corona virus compared to othe virus. 

coronavirus vs flu symptoms

Symptoms of Corona virus vs seasonal flu

The symptoms of corona virus and the seasonal flu are very similar as they both are respiratory diseases that spread through droplets of fluid from mouth and nose of someone who is infected. They both are contagious and produce similar symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, weakness etc similar to seasonal flu and are particularly hard on elderly.
 The Differences are
 1. Corona virus come from different family of virus.
2. People have more protection from flu virus because they are exposed to flu virus
repeatedly every year.

How to get cure from corona virus

If you are with science then you don’t have to worry about these type of virus. These type of virus can be cure easily by making your immunity power strong. Your immunity becomes strong only when if consumes only pure vegetarian food like fruits, green vegetables etc. Avoiding animal products leads you to increases your immunity power which helps you to fight against these type of virus.
The 3 steps protocol which helps you to get cure from corona virus as well as any other viruses. This diet plan is invented by Dr. Bishwaroop Roy Chaudhari.

                                           3 Step Diet Protocol
                              (Based on 161 reference papers from 1920-2020)
 Day 1: Liquid Day. 
If your body weight is 70 kg. The divide it by 10 to get 7. 
 This means in the whole day drink 7 glasses of fruit juice  + 7 glasses of coconut water

Day 2 :  Fluid day.
Body wt. divided  by 20. 60 divided  by 20= 3 glasses of citrus fruit juice+ 3 glasses of 
coconut water + tomato and cucumber  by weight ( body weight multiplied by 5).

Day 3:  Solid Day.
This means 60 divided by 30=2, which means 2 glasses of citrus fresh fruit 
juice without straining + 2 glasses of coconut water till 12 noon
After that for lunch tomato + cucumber as you had yesterday 350 grams,
 for a 70 kg person , that is 350 grams of vegetable .
By dinner you will be able to eat normal home cooked vegetarian food.

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